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Members Range Booking System

Welcome to the new booking system.

To access the system you will need to log in.

If you don’t have a website account, (for example it is your first time on the site!) don’t worry, just enter the club password below and click on the Temporary Login button and it will give you instant access to the booking form.

The club password can be found in the newsletter or welcome messages.

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Let us help you log in

Can’t see the form? You may need to login first.

You just need to enter the website password above which you can find in the Monthly Newsletter (it has not changed!)

How to book

The calendar will show bookings for the next available day.
If you would like to change the date you can select the date in the top blue bar or click the arrows. You can also change the view to week or month above the calendar on the right.

You can see other archers who have a booking in green blocks, if you are looking at the week view the green block will be based on the booking time.

To make a booking just click or press on the slot, it will open up a short booking form for you to enter your name and booking length.
Notes are optional, you can use them if for example you will be using half the session.

If you have a website login the booking name will default to your own, however, you can always change this if you book for others. There is no limit on bookings.

For a club session (shown as half green + white) you can book directly by clicking on the event and then click register.

To edit or delete your booking, just click on the now booked slot.

Still need help? Click below for our how to guide