When it comes to competitions, classifications and handicaps there are certain rounds which can be submitted.

You are free to submit any scores, but only those below can be used if you would like to obtain a handicap or classification.

Outdoor Imperial Rounds – 12 dozen arrows
Round NameDistance 1 (# of arrows)Distance 2 (# of arrows)Distance 3 (# of arrows)
York100 yd (72)80 yd (48)60 yd (24)
Bristol I80 yd (72)60 yd (48)50 yd (24)
Bristol II60 yd (72)50 yd (48)40 yd (24)
Bristol III50 yd (72)40 yd (48)30 yd (24)
Bristol IV40 yd (72)30 yd (48)20 yd (24)
Bristol V30 yd (72)20 yd (48)10 yd (24)
Outdoor Imperial Rounds – 9 dozen arrows

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