Welcome to the Spelthorne Archers Records page! Here you’ll find a chronicle of our club’s finest shooting achievements. From historic milestones to the latest record-breaking scores, this page celebrates the dedication and skill of our archers across both outdoor and indoor ranges.

We are currently trying out Golden Records Online to keep track of all shooting records, handicaps and classifications.

You can find some select testing information below, but if you would like access to the system please fill out the contact form below, we will get you up and running usually within a few days.

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    Please note that the username needs to include a capital letter and number (for some reason). We will assign one based on your name if one is not provided.

    About Golden Records

    Golden Records lets you store all of your shooting records online and automatically calculates your handicap and classifications.

    You can view your shooting record at anytime to keep track of your performance with comprehensive data on your scores, distance and equipment.

    It helps us as you can submit provisional scores after a shoot which can be confirmed on receipt of your countersigned scoresheet.

    Everyone can also see club records and awards, so you know how close you are to being the new record holder or just share in the joy of getting that next 252 badge!

    Your own shooting record will only be visible to you, unless it is a new record.

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